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Neff is a Blue.png Blue Beyondering Hero from the Altered Beast franchise. He is classified as an Epic Striker Hero, and is currently unavailable to loot. Neff was added to SEGA Heroes on August 27th, 2019, and became available to unlock on August 29th, 2019.

Background Information

Neff is the antagonist in the original Altered Beast. He is a demon god that captured Athenea, the daughter of Zeus. During the game, Neff try to kill the Centurion in evey possible way. He can take many forms, but the best known is that of the purple rhino named Van Vander which is his appearance within Sega Heroes.

Fun Fact: Neff appears as a cameo alongside Eggman and other video game villains in the 2012 Disney movie "Wreck-It Ralph" as part of Ralph's villains support group, Bad-Anon.

Ways to Obtain Shards

  • Initiate Chest - 300 Gems
    • Draw #3 - 100%: Epic Hero Shards x4
    • Draw #4 - 10%: Epic Hero Shards x10
  • Heroic Chest - 750 Gems
    • Draw #4 - 100%: Epic Hero Shards x10
    • Draw #6 - 2%: Epic Hero Shards x30
  • Master Chest - 2,700 Gems
    • Draw #7 - 100%: Epic Hero Shards x15
    • Draw #8 - 100%: Epic Hero Shards x15
    • Draw #10 - 25%: Epic Hero Shards x50
  • Arena Chest - 325 Arena Tokens
    • Draw #1 - 4.75%: Epic Hero Shards x4
  • Arena Shop - 700 Arena Tokens
    • x4 Neff Shards
  • Campaign
    • Stage 192 - 15 Energy
    • Stage 206 - 15 Energy


Skill Name Skill Type Icon Reagents Description Effects
Energy Siphon MAX
Skill Dark.png
Blade Charm "Neff opens a magic portal and drains renergy from his enemy."
  • Deals 3 hits of x Dark damage (x total).
  • Neff gains x% Buff Growth.png Growth for 4 turns.
  • If the target is an Altered Beast, they revert to Centurion form.
Furious Charge Star
Skill Flaming Sword.png
Storm Vial "Neff rears back and charges straight ahead into the enemy."
  • Deals x Dark damage.
  • The target loses 3 mana.
Welcome To Your Doom! Passive
Skill Silhouette.png
Feather Pendant "Neff's mastery of dark magic will send his enemies to an early grave."
  • When Neff takes damage from an enemy skill, his attacker is inflicted with x% Debuff Darkness.png Darkness for 3 turns.
  • When the enemy makes a match-4 or greater, Neff creates a Blue Star tile.


  • Neff is the only Altered Beast Hero to only have one set of skills.

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