Pai Chan is a RedRed Campaign hero from the Virtua Fighter franchise. She is classified as an Epic Barrage Hero, and is currently unavailable to loot. Pai Chan was added to SEGA Heroes on January 14th, 2020, and became available to unlock on January 16th, 2020.

Background Information

Pai Chan made her first appearance in 1993's Virtua Fighter. Is the daughter of the renowned Chinese martial artist Lau Chan and a martial arts movie star in her hometown. Her fighting style is Mízōngquán. Originally, she had a strained relationship with Lau after the death of her mother. However, when she discovered Lau was dying from a rare terminal illness, Pai entered the World Fighting Tournament to prove emotionally and physically that she has what it takes to succeed his legacy.

Fun Fact: Pai Chan appeared along with Akira Yuki, Sarah Bryant and Jacky Bryant as a special guest in Dead or Alive 5, a sequel to Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja's fighting game series Dead or Alive.

Ways to Obtain Shards

  • Chest Initiate Initiate Chest - 300 Resource Gem Gems
    • Draw #3 - 100%: Epic Hero Shards EpicShard x4
    • Draw #4 - 10%: Epic Hero Shards EpicShard x10
  • Chest Heroic Heroic Chest - 750 Resource Gem Gems
    • Draw #4 - 100%: Epic Hero Shards EpicShard x10
    • Draw #6 - 2%: Epic Hero Shards EpicShard x30
  • Chest Master Master Chest - 2,700 Resource Gem Gems
    • Draw #7 - 100%: Epic Hero Shards EpicShard x15
    • Draw #8 - 100%: Epic Hero Shards EpicShard x15
    • Draw #10 - 25%: Epic Hero Shards EpicShard x50


Skill Name Skill Type Icon Reagents Description Effects
Renkan Enshi Rantsui MAX
Skill Broken Sword
Star Charm "Attacks target enemy and then sweep kicks to adjacent nearby enemies."
  • Deals 3 hits of x Physical damage to the target and adjacent enemies.
  • Inflicts Accuracy Down (+x enemy Dodge) on those enemies for 5 turns.
Movie Star Power! Star
Skill Silhouette
Ember Vial "Uses her fame as a Movie Star to boost the team's morals."
  • The team gains x% Buff Growth Growth indefinitely.
  • Deals x Physical damage.
Beloved by All Passive
Skill Team
Ruby Band "Her fame makes her beloved by all. Her teammates will immediately rush to her aid at a moment's notice."
  • When Pai Chan takes damage from an enemy Skill, there's a x% chance an ally will deal x damage. This can trigger once per turn.
  • When downed, her allies will attack the enemy who downed her for x damage each.


  • Pai Chan is one of Heroes in which the era trait is indicated incorrectly. Instead, classic should be original.

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