Status Effects are various effects that can give Heroes or Enemies inflicted an advantage or disadvantage, depending on the effect. Status Effects can be inflicted by both Heroes and Enemies alike, whenever a Skill inflicts a Status Effect.

List of Status Effects

Name Icon Type Effects Heroes Enemies
Accuracy Down Debuff Lowers accuracy by x%. Kage-Maru, Pai Chan, Sarah Bryant
Debuff Bleed
Debuff Deals Physical damage each turn. Blaze Fielding, ChuBach, Kage-Maru Ninja (Shinin)
Buff Boosted
Buff The owner is Boosted (x time(s)). Some Hero Skills have extra effects on Boosted targets. ChuBei, Gena
Buff Counter
Buff When the owner is attacked, the attacker takes Physical damage per hit. Selvaria Bles, Shenhua, Weredragon Chicken Leg (Lemanaya)

Metal Sonic, Zuburoka (Lemanaya)

Damage Up
Buff Damage Up
Buff Matches and Skills deal increased damage. Knuckles
Dark Defense Up
Buff Dark Defense Up
Buff Reduces Dark damage received. Wren Zuburoka (Guldsligaya)
Debuff Darkness
Debuff Increases Dark damage received. Ageha, Death Adder, Ebitan, Espio, Hotsuma, Neff, Rolf
Defense Up
Buff Defense Up
Buff Reduces all damage received. Axel Stone, ChuBei, Knuckles, Ren of Heavens, Selvaria Bles, Tails, Welkin Gunther, Weredragon Chicken Leg (Heninger (Red), Strobaya)
Doom Debuff The owner will be Downed in x turns. Dremagen
Elusive Buff The owner cannot be targeted unless no other targets remain. Espio, Kage-Maru
Endurance Buff The owner can resist all attacks that would normally Down them, and remain at 1 HP that turn. (Wears off the next turn.) ChuPea
Debuff Enfeeble
Debuff The owner deals less damage. (Can stack up to multiple times.) Lassic, Shenhua, Werebear
Buff Evasion
Buff The owner gains the chance to dodge attacks. Beat, Charmy Bee, ChuPea, Sarah Bryant Signal (G), KapuKapu
Buff Focus
Buff The owner gains increased critical hit chance. Ryo Hazuki, Thomas Rogan, Welkin Gunther
Debuff Gloom
Debuff Deals Dark damage each turn. Ebitan Sir Coffer Gus
Buff Growth
Buff Matches and Skills deal increased damage. (Can stack up to multiple times.) Axel Stone, ChuBach, ChuBei, Dr. Curien, Ebitan, GonGon, Hotsuma, Largo Potter, Neff, Pai Chan, Ryo Hazuki, Selvaria Bles, Shadow, Tails, Thomas Rogan, Vector, Weredragon, Werewolf Caterkiller (Blue, Red), Chicken Leg (Strobaya)
Debuff Marked
Debuff The owner is Marked (x time(s)). Some Hero Skills have extra effects on Marked targets. Captain Onishima, Gum Robotcop (Androcop)
Buff Perception
Buff The owner avoids incoming hits. Ageha, Hotsuma
Physical Defense Up
Buff Physical Defense Up
Buff Reduces Physical damage received. Bad Brother (Sergeant), Zuburoka (Strobaya)
Buff Regeneration
Buff Restores health per turn. Alicia Melchiott, Chuih, MeeMee, Shenhua, Tails Zuburoka (Gruziya)
Buff Resist
Buff The owner gains the chance to dodge Debuffs. Baby, MeeMee, Shadow, Tom Johnson, Wren
Debuff Sap
Debuff Deals Elemental damage each turn. Lassic, Werewolf Big Ben (Orange)
Debuff Silence
Debuff Prevents the use of MAX Skills. Lassic Death Adder Jr.
Debuff Stagger
Debuff A Guild Boss cannot attack and takes 100% more damage. Inflicted by all Heroes
Debuff Stun
Debuff Prevents the owner from attacking, using Skills, or gaining Mana. Adam Hunter, Ax Battler, Baby, Gilius Thunderhead, GonGon, Gus, Kage-Maru, Lassic, Rouge, Ryo Hazuki, Shadow, Silver, Shenhua, Werebear Bad Brother (Bad Brother), Galsia (Red)
Buff Taunt
Buff Prevents enemies from attacking anyone without Taunt. Big the Cat, ChuPea, Gilius Thunderhead, Gus, Knuckles, Largo Potter, Ren of Heavens, Sarah Bryant, Selvaria Bles, Wren Robotcop (Captaincop), Caterkiller (Purple), Heninger (Red),

Chicken Leg (Lemanaya, Heninger (Red))

Debuff Volatile
Debuff Increases Elemental damage received. Alicia Melchiott, Ax Battler, Charmy Bee, Joe Musashi, Lassic, Welkin Gunther
Debuff Vulnerable
Debuff Increases Physical damage received. Gus, Kage-Maru, Vector, Werebear Chicken Leg (Heninger), Heninger (Golden), Metal Sonic
Debuff Wound
Debuff Prevents the owner from restoring health. Ebitan, MeeMee, Mr. X Imperial Shocktrooper (Red), KapuKapu
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