Tails is a Yellow Yellow Campaign Hero from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. He is classified as a Legendary Support Hero, and cannot be looted as he is a Legendary.

Background Information

Miles "Tails" Prower, made his first appearence in 1992's Sonic the Hedgehog 2. In his original game, he is kidnapped by Dr. Eggman, and is later rescued by his best friend, Sonic. Tails is a yellow, 8-year old, anthropomorphic fox born with two tails, and likes to invent several gadgets and crafts for himself and his friends to use.

Fun Fact: Tails was rated the third most popular character in the "Sonic the Hedgehog" franchise, behind Sonic and Shadow in an official poll from SEGA in 2009.

Ways to Obtain Shards

  • Chest Heroic Heroic Chest - 750 Resource Gem Gems
    • Draw #5 - 10%: Legendary Hero Shards LegendaryShard x5
    • Draw #6 - 1%: Legendary Hero Shards LegendaryShard x30
  • Chest Master Master Chest - 2,700 Resource Gem Gems
    • Draw #9 - 100%: Legendary Hero Shards LegendaryShard x12
    • Draw #10 - 10%: Legendary Hero Shards LegendaryShard x65
  • Arena Icon Arena Chest - 325 Resource Arena Token Arena Tokens
    • Draw #1: 0.25% - Legendary Hero Shards LegendaryShard x4
  • Arena Icon. Arena Shop - 120 Resource Arena Mega Token Mega Arena Tokens
    • TailsShard x4 Tails Shards
  • Events
    • Legendary: Tails


Skill Name Skill Type Icon Reagents Description Effects
Support Bot MAX
Skill Healing
Metal Charm "Tails activates his Support Bot."
  • The team restores x health.
  • Rally Level 3: The team gains Buff Regeneration Regeneration (x health) for 3 turns.
Shield Generator Star
Skill Shield
Sun Vial "Tails uses his Shield Generator to protect and energize the team."
  • Generates x shield.
  • The team gains x% Buff Defense Up Defense Up for 6 turns.
Calibration Passive
Skill Team
Gilded Pendant "Tails checks on the team and makes sure they are in tip-top shape."
  • At the start of battle or a new wave, the team gains x% Buff Growth Growth for 4 turns, and adds mana equal to half the team's Rally Level, rounded down.


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