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Weredragon is a Green.png Green Beyondering Hero from the Altered Beast franchise. He is classified as a Legendary Striker Hero, and cannot be looted, as he is a Legendary. He was added to SEGA Heroes on August 13th, 2019, and became available to unlock on August 15th, 2019.

Background Information

The Dragon, also known as Weredragon, made his first appearance in 1988's Altered Beast. He is one of the forms that the Centurions can transform into that allows them to fly, shoot lightning bolts, and surround themselves with blasts of electricity.

Fun Fact: In the 2002's game "Altered Beast: Guardian of the Realms", a transformation named Draco who has the same abilities as Weredragon.

Ways to Obtain Shards

  • Heroic Chest - 750 Gems
    • Draw #5 - 10%: Legendary Hero Shards x5
    • Draw #6 - 1%: Legendary Hero Shards x30
  • Master Chest - 2,700 Gems
    • Draw #9 - 100%: Legendary Hero Shards x12
    • Draw #10 - 10%: Legendary Hero Shards x65


Centurion Form

Skill Name Skill Type Icon Reagents Description Effects
Punch MAX
Skill Fist.png
Force Charm "Centurion punches the enemy."
  • Deals x Physical damage.
Spirit Orb Star
Skill Silhouette.png
Atomic Vial "Centurion finds a Spirit Orb, allowing him to transform."
  • Centurion transforms and gains all new skills.
Champion of Zeus Passive
Skill Flaming Sword.png
Emerald Band "Having risen from the grave, Centurion fights on Zeus' orders."
  • At the start of battle, or a new turn, creates a Green Star tile if one doesn't exist.
  • When Centurion transforms, he gains x% Buff Growth.png Growth for 5 turns and restores x health.

Weredragon Form

Skill Name Skill Type Icon Reagents Description Effects
Lightning Bolt MAX
Skill Glow.png
Force Charm "Weredragon punches forward and emits a bolt of lightning."
  • Deals x Elemental damage, dealing double damage against Shields.
Thunder Smash Star
Skill Flaming Sword.png
Atomic Vial "Weredragon emits an electric pulse around his body, shocking anyone who gets too close."
  • Deals x Elemental damage to the target and adjacent enemies.
  • Weredragon gains Buff Counter.png Counter (x damage) for 4 turns.
Inner Strength Passive
Skill Strong.png
Emerald Band "Weredragon summons his inner strength to maintain an edge over his enemies."
  • Weredragon's matches and skills deal x bonus damage to Buffed enemies.
  • Whenever you match a friendly Super Star tile, Weredragon gains x% Buff Defense Up.png Defense Up for 3 turns.

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